Homeopathy Diseases List & Treatments by The Other Song Mumbai Clinic


All the things you thought homoeopathy couldn't treat. Contrary to belief, Homoeopathy is capable of treating all conditions treatable by medicine. With absolutely no side- effects, and with results proven to be long-lasting. From conditions that are believed to be surgical - piles, fissures, tonsillitis and appendicitis... to chronic ailments like asthma, headaches, chronic dysentery, peptic ulcer... to women's diseases like menstrual disorders, pain, and children's illnesses. It holds the pride of place in treatment of allergic and skin disorders. In acute conditions, Homoeopathy is seen to act faster than other systems. Though some illnesses like emancers, and advanced degenerative disorders are not curable by any systems, Homoeopathy helps by providing much relief, without side-effects, and controls further deterioration. Also considered the best psychosomatic medicine, Homoeopathy doesn't just take care of the 'problem, but improves all-round health. Homoeopathy is also being successfully used in the treatment of animals, and is also being tried in agriculture.