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Founded on 1st July 2011 ‘The Other Song’ is a holistic homoeopathy clinic dedicated to complete patient care, in-depth patient education, and advanced clinical research. With your health and well-being at the core of our culture, we believe in identifying and treating diseases from their roots. Our team of over 35 highly qualified global homoeopathy experts have worked relentlessly to make ‘The Other Song ’ a coveted centre for healing.

Homoeopathy is a non-invasive, gentle mode of treatment offering long term solutions. Our treatments are based on recognizing the deep individualistic energy patterns of the patient using different advanced techniques that are the cutting-edge of homoeopathic treatment, training, and research carried out at The Other Song, and practised across the world with encouraging results.


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What Patient Say About Us


Covid infected my entire family including my son Daksh fever went to 104 along with cough and cold. appetite reduced and became very weak and it worried us a lot. We got in touch with Dr Swayema sheikh and Sankaran and started with their treatment We were anxious as my son is already getting treated for convulsions would also have to go in for blood tests. injections. CT scan and even might get admitted in hospital for covid treatment and its side effects. Few magic pills of homeopathy and my son showed sign of recovering. Thanks to Dr Sankaran and special thanks to Dr Swayema who was a call away and treated Daksh so well. Written by father of Daksh (19 months) Erode, Tamil Nadu


My husband tested positive on 18th Sep2o and I had started getting joint pain. severe headache. weakness and severe sinusitis. We had started homeopathy with Dr Devang on 22nd Sept. On 24th Sep me and my daughter tested positive. After careful study of all the symptoms he gave me specific medicines and in 4 days I was symptom free except some weakness. I would sincerely request everyone experiencing mild to moderate symptom to stay calm.consult a homeopath • take vitamins • take steam inhalation • monitor your SP02 & BP - and you are in safe hands! Leave the hospitalbeds for those who really need them. Anushree Bangalore

Aayushi Agarwal

I have suffered from too many complaints that happen to all females in different stages of their life. Be it pimples, migraine, cough and cold, stomach issues and post pregnancy issues to name a few. At every stage, I have taken homoeopathy and it has helped me in all these variety of complaints. I have been a patient at the other song since 2014 and homoeopathy has helped me in these last 6 years beautifully. Along with the ease of all complaints, physically there is not even a single pimple mark or dark spots left. It is really amazing how this works. Homoeopathy has also made me grow as a better person altogether. Aayushi Agarwal Healed by Dr Rishi Vyas •••••


I was suffering with severe discharge issue. My gynecologis gave antibiotics but that did not help as it reappeared on finishing the medication. The Other song along with my primary complaints heard my dreams, my feelings and my thoughts. It was here that I realized that my thyroid issue was also largely mind driven and homoeopaths figured out that my fibroid or my thyroid Tumor were left oriented. This helped them arrive at the best medicine for me. Within six months of medication I was ok with the issue and my fibroid also stopped growing fast like before. Homeopathy also fixed my sleeplessness issue which was a result of peri menopause. I am deeply very grateful to Dr. Sankaran and Dr Meghna for always giving me the best medication after a thorough analysis of my issues. The Other song has offered me a good dietary lifestyle coaching & We respect patient spiritual session that helped me fix my post carcinoma thyroid surgery and recover and re-live life with zeal and enthusiasm. Thank you The Other song and Homeopathy for the cure and healing my body,mind and soul. Laxmi

Vikas Jallan
Throat Cancer

I had been diagnosed with cancer in the supraglottic region of the throat in 2019. Even before conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy were administered, I had consulted Dr Sujit Chatterjee and Dr Urvi Patel of The Other Song, clinic Mumbai to explore the possibility of taking homeopathy treatment for the disease. I decided to supplement the therapies with homeopathy. I am sure this went a long way in mitigating the trauma of the conventional therapies. With the grace of God, I have recovered from the dreaded disease. I am in regular touch with my homeopathy Doctors and have continued with homeopathy medicines as advised. Vikas Jallan Throat Cancer

Bela Shah
Breast Cancer

Cancer!!! The name itself is so scary as if it is equivalent to death. I felt the same when I was diagnosed with it in Jan 2015. But it is my own personal experience that with Homeopathy medicine it can be lived. I started with Homeopathy in March 2015 till date. It has a very positive impact on my life. I thank Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar and Dr Manish Yadav at 'The Other Song' for treating me. Without them it would not be possible. Homoeopathy has part of my life become an integral It has promoted, increased my confidence and Strengthened me from within. I am a better person now. Bela Shah Breast Cancer

Sushila Singh
Multiple Myeloma- Stage Ill

I had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma stage 3 in July 2020. One of our relative referred us to 'The Other Song' Team- Dr Sujit Chatterjee & Dr Urvi Patel for further line of treatment as we were clueless back then. Although we consulted best oncologist in Delhi who suggested chemotherapy, we still went ahead with the advice by TOS team along with Homoeopathic medicines. Certainty we made a right choice as they helped me to recover from each and every symptom I was going through. Continuous efforts and dedication from the team helped me mentally and medicine did wonders in just a span of 6-7 months, wherein my reports showed reduction in M -band cells gradually. I am still continuing homoeopathic medicine and this has instilled a deeper faith and understanding towards Homoeopathy. Sushila Singh Multiple Myeloma- Stage Ill


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